A book review of Heavens To Betsy by Beth Pattillo

Betsy is now my friend. 🙂 I love how Beth Pattillo took me in and gave me a friend to laugh and commiserate with. Heavens to Betsy is a book about Betsy, a reverend that can’t seem to get her professional or social life, in order. Betsy doesn’t even know what she wants most of the time! Heavens To Betsy gave me a feel of picking up a book about my life. Okay, so I am not a reverend, but I am a woman who has worked in largely male dominated workforces and gone through many of the feelings and issues Betsy does.

The author did a wonderful job of making Betsy seam REAL! I often get frustrated with how some Christian authors make their characters SO one sided, either completely good and wonderful or terrible and evil. This is not the case with the characters in this book. Some are better and worse than others, but they all have their quirks, just me you and me.

It was a fun, light read. I would recommend Heavens to Betsy if you want a short book to get away with and enjoy making a new friend. I am now looking forward to reading Earth to Betsy to pick up where I left off with Betsy.


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