My review of What She Wants by Sheila Roberts

What She Wants by Sheila Roberts was the first book I have read by Sheila Roberts.  It is also a little different than most books I typically read but I have been trying to read outside of my “box” lately too.  I read an ad about the book and it was one that grabbed my attention so much so that I went out in search of the book. The main character, Jonathan Templar, and his friends can’t get the dating thing to work out for them so when Jonathan starts reading romance novels for dating research, his buddies at poker night start wagering romance novels instead of money! 

Jonathan is stuck on a high-school love, Kyle has trouble seeing past attractive faces and bodies, and Adam, who is married, is in big trouble with his wife for taking her for granted and only making time for himself.  Single ladies and married women alike will probably be able to relate to this book and enjoy following these likable yet clueless men!  This is a fun, light, comical book to enjoy this summer.  And if you have a man in your life and can get him to read it… I would guess he could learn a few things from these bumbling men! 😉  


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