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A Woman’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice (Finding Direction and Peace Through the Struggles of Life) by Leighann McCoy

Have I heard God’s voice yet since reading this book?  No, but it does provide a useful outline on how to make time to listen to and discipline yourself to hear God’s voice and I have renewed hope!


I’ll be honest, I started out liking this book, and then not quite halfway through, I really struggled for a little bit. It picked up and I was able to relate and “get into it” and enjoy it again.  I loved the stories and examples from the author’s own life and her friends’ that she used.  Sometimes the biblical application got a bit long for me.  The last half of the book made up for the middle part that I struggled through so I did end up liking it and can honestly recommend it! 


The author divided the book into four parts (Wrestling with God, Where Was God When…, Let God Define Good and God Will Make a Way) and has three appendixes.  I LOVE the first appendix called “Promises to Claim” of scripture verses of God’s promises. 


I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.


I received this book free from Bethany house for my honest review.


A Month Gone By?

Wow, this past month has just gone too fast to me to keep up!  I have been busy with work and family and friends and of course… reading!  I won’t get into any in depth right now, but wanted to stop by.  I have recently finished both of Joanne Bischoff’s books, Be Still My Soul and Though My Heart is Torn… both worth the read! I am excited to follow this new author! I just read Prophet by RJ Larson a few days ago and enjoyed it and am very excited to read Judge and King, the next two books in the trilogy!  I literally just finished Elizabeth Camden’s Into the Tide within the past hour and that book sparked me wanting to get on here and blog about it!  I was so excited to learn more of Alexander Banebridge’s story after meeting him in The Lady of Bolton Hill and I have to say I liked this story a lot more than that one and I liked that one! 


I am also very interested in natural ways and foods and the opium information in this book was very interesting and seems to be very similar to what we face with many FDA issues today. 


I hope to come again soon to get more in depth with these that I shared today and possibly a few more books! 🙂