Unseen by Jack Graham

Unseen by Jack Graham is a book that strives to enlighten us on heaven and hell, good and evil and angels and Satan. It’s purpose is to encourage us that God does, indeed, protect us.

I struggled with this book. It seemed redundant in some things… it may be a good book for those who are brand new to anything Christian or spiritual though. I was frustrated in the beginning where the author wrote about Twilight but didn’t do enough research when he called it a trilogy when it is actually a saga and the comments seemed a bit off. Maybe he really did read the series and just made a mistake but I have read the Twilight Saga (and yes, I am a Christian) and disagree with how he portrayed them. Maybe I shouldn’t be stuck on one thing so much, but it is important to me, especially in a non-fiction piece of work. There are many good points and truths in this book and I don’t want to dismiss that. But I had to force myself to read it and wasn’t “hooked”. I do think this book is a good, solid book for new believers.

I received this book free from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.


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