The Stress Cure: Praying Your Way to Personal Peace by Linda Evans Shepherd


What it’s about:

From the publisher:
“We live in a world filled to the brim with advice, and when it comes to dealing with stress, there’s plenty of advice to go around. Sleep more, eat better, avoid this, seek out that. But more advice on coping is not necessarily what the stressed and anxious person needs. What we need is a cure. Linda Evans Shepherd has discovered it.

The true remedy to stress, she says, is prayer. In this inspiring book, Shepherd shows readers how to recognize God’s continual presence and yield their troubles to the Prince of Peace. Through captivating stories, explorations of fascinating biblical characters, and examples of deeper-than-ever prayers, she brings within readers’ grasp the peace that passes understanding. Anyone who is overwhelmed by all of the urgent demands on their time will find in this book a lifeline to true peace.”

My thoughts:
Stress. A pretty small word that packs a big punch. While I know a few people that don’t seem to be effected by stress, most of us are. I am no exception to the majority in this case so when I saw I had the chance to read a book about curing stress, of course I jumped at it! Sometimes I struggle to get into non-felt ion books since I am such a fiction lover, but The Stress Cure was easy to read and understand and “get-into” for me. I found Ms. Shepherd’s writing style easy to follow, relatable, and peppered with humor to make this an enjoyable read. There was one particular line I have to quote since I am a fellow book lover and found this so true for my bedside stand…. “my office has been known to contain so many piles of books that you’d think the local library had opened a branch on my desk.” LOL Okay, I can relate to that! 🙂 Ms. Shepherd addressed many issues that cause our stress and how to pray our way and work our way out of those issues. I don’t think this book is meant to be a quick fix, but a guidebook on things to continually work on. There was one example Ms. Shepherd used that she addressed the issue that it probably seemed a petty issue compared to ours, and I agreed with her on that and don’t think the answer is quite as simple for bigger issues as what she presented. She took biblical stories and re-wrote them into much easier to follow and understand stories. Some of them got a little long, but they were very interesting, especially the one about Mary. I would love to read a biblical story made into a fictional novel by Ms. Shepherd. I have not read any other of her books, but now plan to and would recommend The Stress Cure.

I give this book 4 to 4.5 start out of 5 stars.

I received this book in digital format to read and provide my honest review.

About the author:

From Linda’s website:

“Christian Retailing Magazine compares Linda to both Beth Moore and Stormy Omartian while Dr. John DeBrine, the host of the radio show Songtime USA, said Linda reminds him of a little lady he met in the sixties by the name of Corrie ten Boom. Patsy Clairmont says, “There is a bubbling up of Jesus-Joy that exudes from Linda that is absolutely contagious. I love her blend of humor and heart and I stand back amazed at her “go tell the world” determination.”

Linda Evans Shepherd, has empowered thousands across North America and Europe to release their burdens to God and walk closer with him. No matter that many in Linda’s audiences arrive worried and disconnected, they leave refreshed; with a deeper trust in God.

Linda says, “My favorite moment is the point where people ‘get’ my message. That’s the point everyone appears to receive an instant face lift and to lose twenty pounds of worry. What joy to see these precious ones trust God more deeply.”

Linda is a nationally known Christian speaker and a best-selling author of over thirty books. She’s the President of Right to the Heart Ministries, and the founder of . Her online and speaking ministries have seen well over 350 thousand people come to Christ and is seen by over 45,000 people daily.”


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