Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg


Many people will devour Like Never Before, it’s that amazing, but I needed to savor it. My heart needed Like Never Before at a slower pace to fully absorb the truths.

I loved how some really tough circumstances were included and how humanly flawed these wonderful characters are. A divorced main character is hard to find in Christian fiction, but I find that the exact opposite in real life, so I applaud Melissa Tagg for including this hard subject.

I laughed within the first chapter and I cried in the first part of the second chapter, so my emotions were immediately involved. I identified with Logan as a single parent and some of the scenes made my heart ache, they hit so close to home. Emotional connection is my favorite part of reading; Like Never Before had me emotionally connected and involved from the first pages, so I loved it!

I found the writing style easy to follow and the pace pretty fast and steady where I always wanted to keep reading, yet I didn’t always know what was coming next. The romance is sweet and clean. This is the second book in the series, and I have read the first and love seeing so many characters again, but I think this story can be read and understood on its own.

I still think I might go visit Maple Valley and all these characters some day, but reality sets in and I realize they aren’t truly real. But they are wonderful and I will re-visit them when I re-read Melissa Tagg’s books. 🙂

I give Like Never Before 5 out of 5 starts! I love it and recommend it!

I received a copy for review purposes, all thoughts are my own and my honest opinion.


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